Biocide is a developer of Biosafety solutions, with the main objective of providing products and services for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing the environment, using cutting-edge technology and developing products whose active principles do not harm the environment.

We were born from the need to offer products for disinfecting tools used in the beauty area. In Brazil, there was no product to meet this demand. Professionals, when using a cleaning or disinfection product or procedure, were unsuitable for tools. The result was unsafe tools for them and their customers and damaged by dryness or rust, since the products used had not been developed for beauty tools. Faced with this scenario, we developed the first disinfectant cleaner for the beauty area, the Biocide DSFX Blue, which became a success, as well as the DSFX Clear and HigiBlock, which revolutionized the way we sanitize our hands in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


To be recognized as the largest provider of biosafety products in the world, managing  it  between the understanding of people’s needs, the sharing culture and the desires one.


Promote the ecologically sustainable biosafety, through people thinking and caring for people, cultivating the need to love others.


God  •  Family  •  Golden Rule
Honesty  •  Transparency

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