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• Dilute 60 ml | 2.03 fl.oz (2 lids) of Biocide Barba or Donna in 1 liter | 33,81 fl.oz of water at room temperature.
• No need to warm up.
• Let the tools soak in the solution for 3 minutes.
• No rinsing required.
• The solution should be redone every two weeks or when it becomes cloudy.

• Place desired amount in a clean, dry container.
• Immerse the tools in the solution for 3 minutes in a circular motion.
• No rinsing required.
• Discard the solution

Biocide products do not harm tools. You can sanitize and disinfect articles of wood, plastic, bone or metal.

What may occur is the pigmentation of articles made of wood and bone, due to the porosity of the material.

No, Biocide products are formulated with raw materials that do not cause oxidation of metal articles.

No, Biocide products are kind to the skin or the environment as they are 100% natural and based on essential oils.

Makeup tool bristles may become dry with

No, Biocide Makeup Clean is based on essential oils and contains no alcohol. The product provides hydration and softness to the bristles, as well as the elimination of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Yes, Biocide Makeup Clean removes 100% of waterproof makeup, lipstick and foundation from brushes and sponges and eliminates viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Yes, Biocide products are skin-friendly and non-toxic, so you can use your tools right after the sanitization and disinfection process. In addition, the Biocide line has a prolonged effect, that is, a protective film is formed on the tool surface, ensuring that new microorganisms do not contaminate it.

Yes, Biocide products are 100% natural and environmentally friendly, so you can dispose of the products directly down the drain.

All Biocide products are formulated with high quality essential oils.

Yes, the use of essential oils and the knowledge of their healing properties goes back to the Chinese and Egyptian civilizations, being considered one of the oldest forms of medicine and cosmetics. From the extraction of essential oils from aromatic plants, the Egyptians made truly miraculous ointments. Essential oils were still used to embalm the dead for spiritual, medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

The Greeks also understood the miraculous effects of aromatic plants. Most of their knowledge was gained from the Egyptians, who were knowledgeable of their properties. The Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, often recommended essential oil massages and in his writings refers to a vast number of medicinal plants.

The Romans, and later the Arabs, perfected the knowledge gained from the civilizations that preceded them.

For many centuries the knowledge of the healing powers of plants was lost, but their belief remained within monasteries, among the monks who prepared antibacterial solutions, among others, in order to combat the plagues that killed many people. . During the fourteenth century, an outbreak of black plague broke out all over Europe, and herbs and herbs were burned in the streets to disinfect the air and disguise the terrible smell of corpses lying everywhere.

Generation after generation, different cultures have always used plants to alleviate or cure certain diseases. Often the study of this ancient knowledge was the basis for many advances in medicine. Scientists now find more vital ingredients in nature, confirming the therapeutic traditions practiced for centuries.

Here are some examples of powerful essential oils in bacterial, fungal and viral infections:
• OE Thyme QT Timol (Thymus vulgaris)
• OE Oregano QT Carvacrol (Origanum vulgare)
• Tea Tree QT Terpinen-4-ol (Melaleuca alternifolia)
• OE Carnation QT Eugenol (Syzygium aromaticum)
• E Cinnamon QT Cinnamaldehyde (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Biocide products are capable of eliminating even bacterial spores and viruses.

Our focus is on your safety!

Count on Biocide to make your establishment safer.

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